Flexmo Underarm Sea View

Flexmo Basic Axillary Crutches

Walk anywhere without Worry of Slipping with Flexmo Basic axillary crutches

Features and Benefits of our Flexmo Basic Axillary Crutches

  • Does not slip on any terrain
  • Worlds first Self-standing crutch
  • Low pain on hands and shoulder
  • Comfortable hand grip for less Callus formation
  • Durable and Low maintenance grip
  • Lesser effort needed to move

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Flexmo Underarm basic Axillary crutches zoomedin

Truly All Terrain and Anti-Slip

We want you to take Flexmo Underarm Axillary Crutches to the end of the world. It is not a walk in the park, the world if full of water, mud, sand, snow, rocks and more. These should never stop you and that is why we have made crutches stable and anti-slip on any type of terrain you can come across.

Flexmo Crutches walking on Mud
Flexmo Crutches on Rocks
Flexmo Crutches on Wet Surface
Flexmo Crutch on Snow

Self Standing Underarm Crutches

It is irritating to keep holding on to the crutches while sitting down or find a place to keep the crutches against the wall.  Why should you restrict your hands when you can use our self standing Axillary crutches. Have your freedom and let the crutches stand for you.

User holding crutch in hand
Self standing Flexmo Basic Axillary crutch

Reduced Energy Expenditure

Flexcrutch reduces your Energy expenditure to upto 30%. The springy flexure stores the energy while moving and propels you forward. Also, the vertical movement of your body is reduced considerably, meaning you dont have to hop as much as before. These two mechanisms gives you the chance to walk effortlessly.