Flexmo Basic Axillary Crutch – One Pair

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All terrain Crutches – One Pair

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    Traditional crutches are painful, energy consuming. Their rubber tips wear out in under a month significantly increasing change of injury by slippage. Flexmo Crutch: A novel design of underarm crutches replaces the traditional polymer tip with a nitrile rubber coated metal flexures. The Flexures mimic the functionality of heel and toes of human foot improving the stability and mobility on any terrain. They work like a leaf spring absorbing the shock when the person tries to move ahead and later while the person tries to lift the crutch for the next gait motion, the stored energy is released leading to the more relaxed lifting of crutches. The design also ensures the smooth transition of forces in body swing phase, conveying less jarring forces to the body. Flexmo crutch is also the first self-standing crutch in the world. The ultimate result for a user is that energy used is minimal and there are no impact forces carried to the body thus mitigating side effects.

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    This is the basic version of the crutches.

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    Additional information


    Medium – Person's height (4'8" – 5'10"), Large – Person's height (5'10" – 6'5")


    Light – Person's Weight (30-50 kg), Medium – Person's Weight (50-80 kg), Heavy – Person's Weight (80-110 kg)

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