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Flexmo Crutches is Launching
on Aug 9, 2019

Flexmo Crutches is here for the freedom of Divyanjan from restrictions. Launching on Aug 9th by Dr. Renu Swarup, Secretarty Department of Bio-technology. You are invited

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Flexmo Crutches – A fresh new design

Traditional crutches prone to slipping and falling because they have a point contact with the ground. Flexmo lets you walk on all terrain and is slip Proof. This is because of its unique toe and heel parts. They grip the surface just as good as your feet. Be it wet surface or Snow, you can walk confidently anywhere without any limit. Flexmo lets you enjoy full freedom of movement.

Exceptional  Customer feedback

Flexmo has been tested on more than 100 users for many months. All of them love the product and has given exceptional feedback. Everyone has given high marks for the stability of the crutches on slippery surfaces. Watch the video to hear what some of our early users have to say

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